The Old Bridge Needs a Refurb. Thanks, River Rock Bags!

bags of rocks used to create a sidetrack

Have you heard about the many versatile uses of the rock bags? They are known globally for being a simple, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly solution for erosion and scour protection. But, the practicality of these rock bags doesn’t end there. Here’s another successful project Bluemont carried out with a local contractor in Queensland simply using river rock bags!

Using Rock Bags to Create an Alternative Pathway

The bridge that runs over the creek, shown in the picture below, was in bad condition. It needed to be renovated, but the estimated time for repair was around six months.

The issue was that the roadway couldn’t remain closed for that long!

This required our Queensland team handling the project to come up with an innovative solution. A sidetrack or a temporary creek crossing was necessary to keep the roadway open while refurbishing the bridge.

Enter Bluemont rock bags!

We decided to pipe the crossing and fill the gaps using Kyowa Rock Bags to create the road base. We then deployed large diameter pipes using trucks and placed them on the creek. Finally, we used lots of rock bags to secure them in position firmly.

A Contract Completed Easily and Flawlessly

Now the constructors were able to focus on the bridge and renovate it perfectly. The temporary creek crossing was used by the public for transport.

After finishing the project, we simply lifted the river rock bags and deployed them on the creek’s banks to prevent erosion. No wastage of resources and a sustainable solution!

The project was funded by the Queensland Government. Bluemont worked with RoadTek, a local contractor who did an excellent job to make this project a big success!

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