Swiss Army now fully armed with high volume pumps

The rescue forces of the Swiss Army are expanding their equipment with 26 mobile water supply systems from Hytrans.

The latest purchase consists of 26 units of the Hydrosub 150 as well as 78 flood pumps and a large amount of 6” hose.

The latest delivery follows an initial purchase in the 1990s of 40 units of the Hydrosub 150.

The Swiss Army uses the Hydrosub 150 units to pump water over long distances, both to provide firefighting water as well as to remove water in floods.

The new pump units have been built according to a newly introduced Swiss army specification that includes, amongst others, a requirement for a relay pumping module.

This module enables several Hydrosub units to be connected, while software automatically regulates the inlet and outlet pressure. This option is designed to prevent issues such as cavitation and hose bursting. Other beneifts are that few people are required to operate the long-distance system and that the variable flood-pump selection function allows the Hydrosub 150 to be used with one, two or all three flood pumps at the same time.

The purchase of these units was carried out by Vogt, Hytrans’ local partner based in Oberdiessbach, in the canton of Bern.