Successful pump-out of contaminated water in Wheal Jane mine from a depth of 58 metres

Due to the floods last December in the UK, contaminated water in the Wheal Jane mine threatened to flow into the
Carnon River. The Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service (supplied images above) used 2 separate mineshafts to lower 2
light hydraulic pumps to a depth of 58 meters. In one week the 2 mobile HYTRANS pumps extracted 60 million
litres of water from the mine (25 Olympic swimming pools) to a water treatment plant operated by Veolia Water
Solutions. This equates to 6,000 litres per minute.
With her hydraulic pump system mobile Hytrans units can pump water from depths up to 60 metres and at high
volumes. Pumping up water from Sydney Harbour to Sydney Harbour Bridge, which has a clearance of 49 meters,
is therefore feasible. Hydraulic pumps push water up rather than sucking it, hence allowing for the use of flexible
lay flat hose rather than heavier rigid hose. No draft problems, no priming.
HYTRANS mobile hydraulic pumps are used in Australia and globally for fire fighting, flood defence and special