Solving Creek Erosion One Rock Bag at A Time

Kyowa Rock Bags used for creek erosion

Creeks and streams often become a natural attraction no matter where you live. Littered with leaves, or perhaps bordered by grass, they are a place we draw to for the peace. Most of the time, in Australia, your local stream is barely likely to even trickle. If it does flow, it probably won’t sweep anybody away! When we get the rain however, this can change quite quickly and we can begin to see the impacts of creek erosion unfold.

Erosion in Central NSW

As we’ve seen continuously in the past, flash flooding in our creek and stream systems hits like Monday morning with no coffee. The creeks fill up and can cause massive damage to the areas around them as Bluemont saw in Central NSW. The local Council learnt of a bend in the creek that had eroded away with heavier flows. The small creek was in a park surrounded by houses, so the Council wanted to act efficiently. That’s when they approached Bluemont, and we quickly sent out the 1 tonne Kyowa Rock Bags to help!

Kyowa Rock Bags used by Orange Council
Creek erosion in park, Orange, NSW

A Quick Solution To Creek Erosion

The Kyowa Rock Bags were a clear choice in this situation for a few key reasons. Council needed a solution that was going to be easy to deploy and cost effective. However, they didn’t want it to wash away next high flow! The light 1 tonne Kyowa Rock Bags are a great erosion solution for tighter/smaller creeks, streams, and eroding slopes. They are immensely stable, with the 1 tonne bags handling 4.2 meters a second of flow. Now that is Zen!

Creek erosion in park, Orange, NSW
Kyowa Rock Bags used by Orange Council to battle creek erosion.

They also chose the Kyowa Rock Bags as they are made from 100% recycled material and as you can see, use a natural khaki colour. This just means they won’t stick out like a sore thumb the next time you go for a picnic in the park!

From a solution aspect, small projects such as creeks eroding can take large chunks of time, budgets and resources and can appear much worse than what they are. Kyowa Rock Bags take away this dilemma by making it fast and simple. Increasingly being used by Aussie and Kiwi farmers and Councils, the Kyowa Rock Bag is a trusted and tested erosion solution. Made from 100% recycled materials, they might be the solution you need to help keep your streams clean and safe.

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Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycled