Rock Bags Lab Testing Was Great, Now the Real Thing…at Stockton Beach

Rock Bags prevent erosion at Stockton Beach

Lab tests of rock bags went great. As always, our erosion control heroes won with flying colours. But let’s get to the real thing now…dealing with Stockton Beach erosion.

What Is Causing Stockton Beach Erosion?

Stockton Beach in New South Wales, Australia, is infamous for its long and stormy history. The toll of severe storms is high. The shoreline is heavily eroded, affecting the coastal activities and tourism in the area. Although the NSW government implemented many methods for managing erosion, they didn’t really work. Eventually, the consensus identified sand nourishment as the best solution to recover the eroded shore.

Need for Temporary Protection

The Newcastle City Council decided on an interim measure to protect the 200m stretch of beach between Meredith and Mitchell Streets – a notorious erosion hotspot at the end of the seawall – until they implement the permanent solution. They had to control Stockton Beach erosion and protect the shore from further recession. Obviously, protecting the local community and infrastructure nearby was paramount.

Kyowa Rock Bags On Call and Ready to Help!

Physical modelling showed rock bags as the ideal solution. Made from 100% recyclable material, it is a sustainable and eco-friendly scour protection method that’s easy to deploy. The Soil Conservation Service carried out the task of building a 7.2 metres high wall using 1260 rock bags. They weigh more than 5000 tons. The deep wall is already blanketed by sand but remains ready and steady for the next attack.

The rock bags will provide temporary relief against severe weather until the Council sources sand for long-term Stockton Beach erosion management. The open structure of rock bags dissipates wave energy effectively and controls sediment transportation. Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said “the rock bags offer a robust, sustainable and economical temporary management option for coastal erosion” – (CON). We are following this closely as there are more hotspots to be dealt with.

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