Time for ‘Room for the River’

Flexible net gabions supporting a retaining wall on the Murray river

Have you heard of the ‘Room for the River’ concept? It’s an intriguing approach to flood protection that was started by the Dutch Government. To explain, they create designated areas where the river can overflow, which helps manage high water levels and minimise flood damage when needed.

It’s a bit different from the dyke construction that they’ve been famous for doing for centuries, but it’s been extremely effective. Do you think this is something we should consider for down under?

However, this sounds like an expensive project when you consider the immediate spending… widening rivers, creating overflow channels, and finding areas where we can intentionally flood and hold water. But hold on, how much was last year’s annual flood damage bill for Australia and New Zealand? What will it be next year?

What About Rock Bags?

However, we obviously can’t give the river room everywhere and we need to maintain the strength of our main levees. So what can we do in the meantime to help protect them?

Well, when this section of a major NSW riverbank was eroding, the Council acted swiftly and got in touch with us to talk about Rock Bags as a possible riverbank erosion solution. These flexible rock net gabions will act as a stabilisation and erosion tool. The rock bags will keep the levee from being undercut and eroded by powerful flood waters.

Kyowa rock bags used for large scale riverbank erosion
Rock bags used for large scale bank erosion

In just over a week, the job had been finalised and the river will now have protection for years to come. Being made of 100% recycled materials, Rock Bags were an environmentally and financially sustainable solution. Moreso, they’ll be working hard on promoting greenery and natural growth on their river.

A River Erosion Solution

Kyowa rock bags are a fantastic erosion solution
Rock bags growing over naturally

Rock Bags are cost-saving, quick to deploy for emergencies, and long-lasting for more permanent riverbank erosion solution. Unfortunately, Bluemont can’t design a national flood protection plan, but these rock bags’ applications can help with yours.

Watch photos and short videos to see the simple process to install rock bags, made from 100% recycled materials.





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Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycled