Saving the Pilbara Rail Bridge From Scouring

road rail bridge maintenance

Take me to the Pilbara any day! Pilbara’s vast landscapes, bright colours, and incredibly other-worldly scenery are beyond magic. Its remote outback and pristine natural wonders could easily inspire the most epic adventures.

The Pilbara Rail Bridge

Do you know what else is impressive about Pilbara? Its infrastructure! Take a look at this extended bridge near the mine sites in the Pilbara. The resource company in charge of this road rail bridge keeps it in very good nick. They take suitable preventive measures against scouring – a high risk associated with many rail bridges today!

Why Scour Protection Is Necessary

Now, the river looks very calm and innocent in the picture. But, heavy rainfalls or storms can make it fast-flowing and violent. The water force can potentially erode the sediment around rail bridge piles, weakening the foundation…which could have tragic consequences. It’s no light issue.

road rail bridge with rock bags on pylons
Pilbara’s rail bridge protected with Kyowa rock bags


The Pilbara Road Rail Bridge Rock Bag Project 

The company was swift to hire a reliable contractor for the scour protection project. They chose rock bags as the best solution to tackle the threat. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Due to a virus spread, the user training was conducted virtually. The client and the contractor displayed excellent professionalism, and the training sessions happened successfully. The task was quick and efficient. 


Why Rock Bags?

Installing rock bags is a simple feat that works wonders. Rock bags, made of recycled materials, are an ideal scour protection mechanism for level crossings, railway lines, and bridges. You can prepare and deploy them quickly. Simply filling each flexible rope net gabion with rock, the process is very fast. Here are some rock bag videos to keep you inspired, and help you make the best decision for your next project.

If you need rock bags for any erosion control task in your local area, contact Bluemont. We are a wholly-owned Australian company, operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. You can contact us by calling +64 (9) 872 2622 or emailing us at