Hytrans & CFA hose layer: A great system helps a great crew lay & recovery hose during the Hazelwood fire.

Hytrans mechanised hose layer and recovery system deployed for fire extinguishing and de-watering at Hazelwood open-cut coal mine fire February 2014

The new acquisition made by Scoresby Country Fire Authority in January 2014 had hardly been unpacked before it was in the field in supplying vast amounts of water to put out the Hazelwood open-cut mine fire, and to aid in dewatering at the site. Scoresby Fire Station mounted their new Hytrans hose layer container and hose layer recovery unit on a new Mercedes truck. It was used to lay and recover hose quickly for 4 weeks continuously at the burning mine site.

Tough operating conditions for fire control in heat, wind, poor air quality and mud

There were perilous weather conditions for fire hazards– temperatures around 40C and wind of up to 100kph – on 9th February when the fire started. The huge fire burning underground took 30 days to control, and 45 days to extinguish fully. The mud and poor air quality were particular challenges for the crews. But the equipment had no trouble. The hoses in the Hytrans unit included Scoresby’s own 100mm hose of 2km length and were changed with the evolving tasks. The laying and recovery worked effectively with all the hose sizes deployed. The unit has been nicknamed “The Slayer” by its crews after its major role in controlling what Environment Victoria called ‘one of the worst environmental disasters in Victorian history.”