NOAQ Boxwall Specifications, Brochures & References

NOAQ Boxwall is a world-recognized flood control product specially designed for urban areas. The self-anchoring barrier can withstand flood levels up to 1 meter. The ease of use, portability, flexibility, and rapid deployment make the NOAQ flood fighting system a popular option for commercial use. Bluemont is the leading supplier of NOAQ Boxwall in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.


NOAQ Boxwall
How it Works: Boxwall BW52 User Manual
NOAQ Gable

About NOAQ Boxwall

NOAQ Boxwall is a Swedish-based product that aims to resolve the complexities involved in the conventional sandbagging method. The mobile flood barrier is one of the best flood protection systems due to its innovative design and unmatched efficacy. It is made to last for a long time, so consider it an investment!

Learn more about the impressive features of the NOAQ flood fighting system by downloading the brochure below.

NOAQ Boxwall

How Does It Work?

If you are looking for a reliable mobile flood barrier for your commercial property or public areas in your locality, NOAQ Boxwall is ideal. It’s super easy to carry around, deploy, and store back in place.

Building a mobile flood barrier using NOAQ Boxwall is a simple matter of clicking the units together. But, you have to use additional elements to create bends and corners and avoid obstacles like kerbstones.

The user manual attached below has detailed instructions on how to build a NOAQ Boxwall barrier to suit your requirements. You can also learn how the NOAQ flood fighting system works against floods effectively, safeguarding your properties.

How it Works: NOAQ Boxwall User Manual

Use of NOAQ Gable

Gables are extensions that help you adjust the length of the flood barrier. The use of NOAQ Gables helps you avoid many obstacles that you encounter when building a mobile flood barrier. Learn more about it and how it works by downloading the document below!

NOAQ Gable

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NOAQ Boxwall