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Inflatable Flood Barrier Tubes

Do you want a quicker and easier alternative for sandbags to control floods? Then, mobile flood barrier tubes by NoFloods are the answer. If you like to see how these twin tubes work against flooding, helping people save their valuable property, take a moment to watch our videos below. If you wonder how inflatable flood barriers work, you can also visit Bluemont’s YouTube channel for more videos on our disaster mitigation solutions!

What Are the Benefits of NoFloods Inflatable Flood Barrier Tubes?

Available in varying sizes, NoFloods mobile flood barrier tubes are more effective than sandbags. Disasters like floods come with time-sensitive warnings, and you usually have only a day or two to prepare for them. Filling sandbags and deploying them on site needs heaps of people!

The material of these inflatable tubes is sturdy, non-abrasive, and resistant to most chemicals. Many residential and commercial places in Australia and New Zealand had benefited from these. Take a look at this video to learn how they work and the advantages of using them at your site.

How Do Flood Barriers Work?

This inflatable flood control barrier from NoFloods is easy to use and requires the effort of fewer than ten people. You have to deploy them at the flood-prone site, as shown in the video.

Now, imagine deploying heavy sandbags instead of this and think of how many people you would need. Building Sandbag levees is time and labour consuming, whereas this water flood barrier will do a clean job within minutes! The best thing about NoFloods tubes is they use water to fight water!

How to Retrieve the NoFloods Tubes?

This video is a demonstration of the mechanical retrieval of empty, de-aired flood tubes from the site. Did you really think that’s a manual job?

The design and functionality of NoFloods inflatable flood barrier are user-friendly from beginning to end. You can remove the tubes using a hydraulic winch after pumping out the water. It is the quickest method. The size of the winch used can differ based on the size and length of the tube. Don’t worry. Bluemont can assist you with it!

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