How does NoFloods Barriers work?

NoFloods Mobile Barrier can be installed in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:

Place terminals and set-up tubes for the risk


Step 2:

Connect the tubes to the terminals and tighten the straps


Step 3:

Fill the tubes with air in order to stabilize and adjust the flexible tubes. This is done with the help of a blower. A small air blower can fill 100m in around 4 minutes.


Step 4:

Connect pumps, fill tubes with water while releasing the air.


Deployment is complete.


Now you have a strong and reliable solution that is ready to battle floods, protect infrastructure and environment from water devastation. Filled with water, 1metre of NoFloods Twin Tube 125 weighs 2,350 kg. It takes 4 people and a small truck in less than 4 hours to set-up a 1000m barrier that can resist up to 80cm of flood water. After deployment, the couplings can be released to empty the NoFloods Mobile Barrier.Product & Models.The NoFloods Twin Tube 125 is the standard model. It is used for severe flooding or post flooding situations for instance when you need to empty an area. It is able to retain 80cm of water.

Product Diameter Installed Height Installed Weight per m Max. water retainment
TwinTube60 60cm 50cm 1,100kg 36cm
TripleTube60 60cm 100cm 1,650kg 54cm
TwinTube 125 125cm 110cm 2,350kg 80cm
TrippleTube125 125cm 180cm 3,525kg 120cm

The system starts and ends with a so called aluminium ‘terminal’. The tube is made of a special woven material which ensures high strength and at the same time great flexibility. Tubes are connected by junctions (to prolong the different sections). The couplings are fastened to each terminal and junction. Air, water or liquid enter the tubes via inlets in the terminals and junctions. Due to the light weight and the flexibility of the tubes, NoFloods can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 10 metresto multiple miles in length. The Triple Tube model is stackable to provide protection up to 120cm in height. NoFloods enables a long flood barrier solution in a short period of time. When empty, 1m of the NoFloods Twin Tube 125 Mobile Barrier weighs less than 3 kg. The Twin Tube 60 weighs less than 1.5 kg per m. NoFloods Mobile Barriers are available in 200, 100 and 50m sections. Due to the aluminium structure the terminals and junctions are reusable time after time.

NOFLOODS MOBILE Flood Barriers (tubes)