Beaver FAQs

What are the Beaver flood barrier tubes?

Beaver is a pair of inflatable PVC tubes permanently welded / joined together – side by side. You can use Beaver flood tubes to build temporary dams of the length you require by linking multiple twin tubes together.

How do Beaver flood barrier tubes work?

Initially, you have to fill the twin tubes with air. After site deployment, the tubes are filled with water. The weight of water stabilises the tubes, helping them act as a temporary, flexible dam – preventing flood water from entering the area.

What are some uses of the Beaver flood barrier?

Amongst the many applications of the Beaver, you can use it to protect landscapes, buildings, and even small properties from floods. In addition to flood protection, you can use the Beaver flood barrier to divert water, store water for various purposes, and to build temporary footbridges during floods. 

Where can I deploy the Beaver mobile flood barrier?

Beaver mobile flood barrier adapts well to all types of terrains. You can deploy them on any surface, such as grass, dirt, concrete, bitumen, etc. It is also ideal for uneven terrain as the flexible flood tubes can fit into gentle contours and undulations of the surface.

What is the height of the Beaver mobile flood barrier?

Beaver twin tubes are available in various heights, such as 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm. 

What’s the capacity of water required to fill Beaver flood control tubes?

Here’s how much water you need to fill 10-metre-long twin tubes:

How can I deploy the Beaver mobile flood barrier?

Beaver mobile flood barrier is an easily portable solution that you and your team can easily – and quickly – deploy on site. All you have to do is,

      1. Unroll the Beaver tubes
      2. Inflate them with air
      3. Move the barrier into the required position
      4. Fill them with water using a hydrant, pump or a similar method

How long is the Beaver flood barrier?

Beaver tubes are available in different lengths, such as 5m, 10m, 20m, and 30m. They are ideal for protecting small and large sites from flood damage. You can always extend the length of the flood barrier by connecting the tubes easily. 

How do I create a long flood barrier using Beaver mobile tubes?

The Beaver flood barrier uses a male/female connection system. This convenient sleeve system makes it easy to connect one tube with the other to create the length required. 

Why is Beaver a twin tube? Can I get a single-tube version?

The twin tube system is essential for the stability of the mobile flood barrier. If the tubes are not joined, they can roll away due to the pressure of flood water. 

Beaver flood protection also offers a single tube, but it can be pushed away by flood water unless you secure it in place. It is for this reason that the Beaver is a twin tube system.

How many people do you need to deploy the Beaver mobile flood barrier?

You need about four people to deploy a 20m-long Beaver twin tube. For larger sizes, you may need six people per length.

Can I reuse Beaver flood tubes?

Yes. With proper maintenance, you can use Beaver tubes for a long time as a flood control measure. They are a convenient and reusable alternative to sandbags. They are a good investment for commercial sites, industries, and local governments to protect their assets. 

How can I retrieve Beaver tubes?

You have to open the clamps and let the water drain out. Once the tube is thoroughly cleaned and dried, you can fold it compactly for storage. 

What is the Beaver flood barrier made from? How strong is it?

Beaver is made from sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC) laminate – a material used for things such as jumping castles and truck tarps. It can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +70°C.

How resistant is it to punctures?

The Beaver tube is strong and resistant to punctures and chemicals. But, there can be rare instances when it gets damaged due to sharp objects on the ground. We provide a puncture repair kit to help you overcome such incidents.

Does Bluemont ship worldwide?

No. Bluemont supplies mobile flood barriers to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Beaver tubes are available worldwide via local dealers. 

Does Bluemont provide training on how to deploy Beaver flood tubes?

Yes, we can organise that for you and your local team. You can also take a look at the videos on our website that demonstrate how to deploy and retrieve Beaver mobile flood barrier tubes. We also provide more resources like brochures and written installation guides

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