Aqua-Sac® Specifications & Brochures

Browse and download Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. official specifications and brochures. Learn how these self-inflating bags prevent the consequences of flood emergencies and spills in your area.

Bluemont is the supplier of Aqua-Sac® bags in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. We are a wholly-owned Australian company with 20 years of field experience in the emergency mitigation industry.

Aqua-Sac® vs. Sandbags 

Aqua-Sac® is an innovative alternative to the traditional sandbagging method, requiring less effort, time, and money for deployment. They are water-activated flood bags that use the same mechanism as sandbags for flood defence but are more efficient. 

What exactly makes Aqua-Sac® superior compared to conventional sandbags? Learn more about the benefits and impressive features of these sandless sandbags. Download the brochure below:

Aqua-Sac® Data Sheet

Aqua-Sac® is one of the best flood defence products to protect large-scale areas, industries, and organisations. It is also a renowned solution for sewage spill control. Want to know if Aqua-Sac® is the right solution for your requirements?

The technical data sheet has all the information you need about Aqua Sac®’s features, applications, environmental effects, health and safety guidelines, disposal measures, and potential hazards. 

How to Use Aqua-Sac®

The leaflet below explains how to inflate Aqua-Sac® flood bags and instances where you can reuse them. They are made using super absorbent polymers. We have also included general safety precautions to help you protect your valuables and yourself in the case of a flood emergency. 

Aqua-Sac® Deployment  

Building a stable flood protection wall with Aqua Sac® flood bags is a quick and easy task. This document explains how to do it step-by-step, from identifying a level ground to using the correct layering technique. You can also take a look at the benefits and features of this advanced flood defence system.

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Aqua-Sac brochure
Aqua-Sac® Data Sheet
Aqua-Sac® Vs. Traditional Sandbags


Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. Inflatable Sandbags