Aqua-Sac® Applications

Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. sandless flood bags are a water-activated flood defence mechanism designed to protect large properties. The superabsorbent polymer material inside them absorbs water to enlarge in size. Due to its unique functionality, the Aqua-Sac® is renowned for many uses.

Here are the most popular applications of the Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. flood bags.

flood bags protecting commercial property

Building Flood Defence Walls

If your area or locality is prone to flooding, you should have a reliable flood protection system in place. It’s time to ditch the cumbersome sandbags for flood control and look for a better answer.

Aqua-Sac® is a modern solution to control floods that mimics the traditional sandbagging system. The activated flood bags act as a barrier and divert flood water away from the protected area. They are strong enough to resist the force of high water pressure, especially during flash floods.

You can quickly build a barrier surrounding the property or area using Aqua-Sac® bags. It only requires 36 flood bags for building a 1-metre long and 0.63-meter high quick dam. Each bag requires only 3-5 minutes to inflate, making Aqua-Sac® highly applicable for commercial use.

Flood defence walls or quick dams built using Aqua-Sac® are ideal for protecting,

While you can use Aqua-Sac® in places prone to coastal floods, note that you can only inflate them using freshwater. They don’t work with salt water because a chemical reaction causes deflation, releasing water from the bags.

Effectively Contain Sewage Spills Using Aqua-Sac® S.O.S. Flood Bags

aqua-sac® self inflating flood bags

Leakage of sewer water from broken pipelines or sewer drains is an issue of concern. It is unsanitary and can potentially spread diseases. It can also pollute the environment and contaminate freshwater bodies nearby. Quick containment is the answer to mitigate damage. The high water absorbent quality of Aqua-Sac® makes it an ideal solution to control sewer water leaks.


The flood bags inflate quickly and are easier to deploy. Placing them around the edges of the spill can help you stop the spread, remove sewer water, and avoid possible contamination. They are also easy to dispose of. Sewer maintenance companies, water boards, and local councils can respond to these emergencies better with Aqua-Sac® flood bags.

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