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Mobile flood barriers


Mobile flood barriers (tubes)


Commercial, Industrial & Public Property Flooding Protection in New Zealand

Living in flood-prone areas puts entire communities at significantly higher risk of losses. Bluemont offers flooding protection and prevention solutions as your first line of defence against flood damage. Our products mitigate, prevent, and safeguard your commercial, public and industrial property efficiently.

Bluemont is an Australian-based company currently operating with a local team and product stock in New Zealand. Renowned for our high-quality flooding solutions, we specialise in protecting valuable infrastructure and ensuring the safety of people.

Our flood prevention products excel during emergencies, providing optimal protection. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional sandbags with our advanced, revolutionary, and eco-friendly alternatives.

NOAQ Boxwall

No more tedious sandbag filling and stacking. The NOAQ Boxwall is a mobile flood barrier designed for urban environments. Capable of handling flood levels up to 1 metre, it’s perfect for hard surfaces like concrete. Portable, versatile, and lightweight, it’s easy to store when not in use. Harnessing the pressure of floodwater, it effectively prevents water ingress, making it one of the world’s top flood solutions.


Beaver – Mobile Flood Barrier Tubes

Versatile and quick to deploy, Beaver mobile tubes offer flood protection in various settings, from roads to industrial areas. These inflatable barriers can also function as dams, diverting water away from affected areas. Easy to inflate and deflate, they require minimal manpower for installation.


NoFloods Mobile Flood Barrier Tubes

Similar to Beaver tubes, NoFloods barriers provide cost-effective flood prevention and damage control. Quick to set up and light in weight, they can cover large areas with ease. These inflatable tubes are ideal for diverting watercourses or serving as permanent flood defences.


AquaFence Mobile Flood Barriers

AquaFence offers superior flood protection for urban areas, securing entry points or encircling entire buildings or cities. These self-stabilising floodwalls are easy to install and disassemble, making them perfect for congested areas.


Hytrans Mobile High-Volume Flood Pumps

During floods, the Hytrans high-capacity pumps are essential for rapid water removal. Renowned for durability, portability, and ease of use, they can pump up to 50,000 litres per minute. Trusted by fire brigades, emergency services, and governments, these pumps ensure swift dewatering of large areas.

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