Water Brings Life, But Also… Flood Damage

flood damage restoration

Australians…we love our shorelines, rivers, and creeks. Life by the water is fantastic. Water brings life to our river systems, farms, lakes, gardens and your tap at home. The explosion of life at our filled inland lakes is so magically magnificent. But when La Niña brings too much water, it also brings misery for many people and often their belongings. So how should Australians go about flood damage restoration after extreme weather like this?

What Happens to the Infrastructure?

Let’s take a quick look at what happens to our infrastructure when the storm hits and why PROPER flood damage restoration needs to be brought up to speed to catch up and prevent further destruction…

The ground is soaked and cannot deal with even more water. Erosion of rivers and creek banks, erosion of bridge abutments and piles, landslides occur, broken roads all around, dams become full and start spilling. 

The Price of Not Having a Flood Damage Restoration Plan

It can be expensive to rebuild, but it can also be more expensive to do nothing. We must rebuild and rebuild better. Not doing so is dumb. Extreme weather is not going to disappear. Let’s rebuild smart and don’t wait for the next drought as an excuse to postpone spending the capital. The next 1 in a 100-year flood can be in 2023 or even tomorrow.

Rock Bags can be part of this rebuild. 100% recycled materials, long life, quick and easy to deploy and typically a project cost saver. For emergencies, temporary or permanent use. A great tool to stop erosion, stabilise soil, and of course, mitigate and prevent flood damage.

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