A Flexible Solution To River Erosion And Scour Protection

Kyowa rock bags stabilising bank

Life’s a Beach, And Then You Scour… Or Not With Kyowa Rock Bags

Throughout Australia and most recently across the gap in New Zealand, we’ve seen some chaotic weather. Massive floods, cyclones, and east coast lows which caused irreparable damage. They’re big, intimidating and truly make you wonder about the force of nature. Which, has highlighted the demand for scour protection on our riverbanks.

There are many reports of what Ned Kelly may have said all those years ago. But I bet if he was alive today and working in the civil industry his latest t-shirt would say “life’s a beach… and then you scour”.

A bit like heavyweight boxers, these weather conditions hit hard and fast with immense power. But sometimes we see the featherweight boxers do just as much damage with well-timed consistent shots. It probably wasn’t much difference back when Ned was riding around.

Kyowa rock bags protecting bridge pylon from scour
Kyowa rock bags come in 4 flexible sizes

Much like those boxers, our beautiful country faces an array of weather conditions taking jabs at our water systems. Some of our rivers are quite small and placid with many of our creeks being ‘dry creeks’. However, some others are deep and wide, flowing day to day like the one above. But they all sway and dance around their opponent of higher ground in the same bushranger way and cause the same damage when they flow hard.

Kyowa Rock Bags Stop The Scour

Filter units providing scour protection and reinforcement to culvert
Filter units used to build and stabilise road above culvert

Thankfully, Kyowa rock bags have become a top choice for many as an erosion and scour protection solution. An affordable option that is extremely flexible and efficient to deploy. These flexible rock net gabions come in 4 sizes (1T, 2T, 4T, 8T), ensuring that there is an appropriately weighted/sized erosion solution for your river and creeks.

Designed for erosion hotspots like this culvert, these bags have plenty of applications, and can be placed in wet or dry conditions and can be used to reinforce riverbanks, prevent undercutting, minimise scour or build work platforms.

Made from 100% recycled materials, the Kyowa rock bags are a fish friendly scour protection choice too! They promote natural flora growth and are designed to become naturally covered with sand, soil, plants, or grass. This means they won’t be blatantly obvious the next time you go for a stroll!

Watch the short process to install Kyowa rock bags, made from 100% recycled materials.  Click here.


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Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycled