HydroSub (Power Pack & Submersible Pump)

The HydroSub of Hytrans is the unit responsible for supplying water from an open-source. Compared to conventional water pumps used by fire brigades, the HydroSub is more efficient in many ways, allowing you to transport water over long distances without a hassle.

How Does It Work?

The HydroSub unit consists of a diesel-powered hydraulic power pack and submersible pump. The power pack operates the portable floating submersible pump, which drives water into the large diameter fire hose. The submersible water pump connects to the power pack via two 60-meter long hydraulic hoses.

The Hytrans HydroSub unit provides you access to any open water source located within a 60-meter distance/radius from the power pack, either horizontally and vertically! 

Capacities of this  Fire Fighting Water Pump – HydroSub

HydroSub fire fighting pump units are available in different capacities, depending on the water pressure and volume required. They are,

  • HydroSub 60 –  1,500 L/min at 10 bar
  • 150 – 3,500 L/min at 10 bar
  • 250 – 8,000 L/min at 10 bar
  • 550 – 14,000 L/min at 12 bar
  • 900 – 24,000 L/min at 12 bar
  • HydroSub 1200 – 30,000 L/min at 12 bar

Why Is HydroSub Fire Fighting Water Pump Unit Unique?

No draft loss

The standard fire draft pumps or fire trucks have to remain very close to the water source to pump water. Their functionality is limited by draft issues because they draw water using suction. With HydroSub, you don’t have to worry about draft loss!

Can pump any water

That’s right. Our HydroSub unit can pump saltwater, chemically polluted water, mud, and dirt without any issue. The submersible pump can operate in shallow water with no risk of failure due to cavitation. You can also use the pump together with a mobile desalination plant and/or mobile water treatment plant.

Flexible design

The pump with an extremely flat curve design is suitable for long-distance relays, making the mobile water supply highly efficient. As a couple of people can deploy it easily and quickly, it’s perfect during emergencies.

If you need a good fire fighting water pump to supply water from an open source without worrying about capacity, distance, elevation, or pressure, Hytrans HydroSub is the perfect solution for you!

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