Fire Hose Ramps & Hose Bridges

HYTRANS Hose Bridge. For hoses up to 300mm / 12
HYTRANS Fire Hose Ramps. 8 lines of 150mm / 6 inch large diameter hose

HYTRANS Fire Hoses Ramps and Bridges. For hoses up to 300mm / 12″
HYTRANS Hose Ramp. 8 lines of 150mm / 6 inch large diameter hose.
There are instances when you have to lay fire hoses over roadways, pedestrian paths, and other areas of high traffic. In these cases, two major issues can arise. First, the fire hose system can disrupt the road network and public transit. Second, the hoses are susceptible to damage if vehicles move over them. Fire hose ramps and bridges help you overcome both these issues!

But, the standard ramps designed for 150mm/6” hoses have a height of 200mm, and they require a longer length – usually around 2800 mm. This is because at least one axle of a typical passenger car should be on the ramp while crossing, to prevent the car from bottoming out.

Squeeze: HYTRANS Innovative Fire Hose Ramps

If a roadway is blocked by a hose running across it, the best solution is to use HYTRANS hose squeeze ramps.

The HYTRANS hose ramp, when completely set up, is only 100mm high due to its oval-shaped center. It, therefore, requires only a length of 2000mm, making it the most compact pipe road crossing ramp available.

It is suitable for large diameter fire hoses of up to 150mm/6” (which can expand up to 180mm due to pressure), supporting a working hose pressure of 20bar. The ramp effectively keeps the hoses suppressed yet with a minimal pressure loss of less than 0.2bar.

Although our fire hose ramps are specifically for 150mm/6” diameter fire hoses, they also suit small hose sizes. There is a smaller cut built into the hose ramp to accommodate small hoses like hydraulic hoses.

The squeeze ramp can support all vehicles allowed on the roadway, including heavy trucks and buses.

You don’t have to worry about blocked roads and damaged hoses anymore.

The Advantages of the HYTRANS Squeeze Ramps:

Specifications of Hytrans Squeeze Ramp


Dimensions (overall):



Because of the small compact design, considerably less storage and transport space is required.

The squeeze ramp is designed in such a way that each individual section weighs less than 25 kg.  This means deployment of the Squeeze Ramp can easily be done by a single person.

One Complete Ramp Set Consists of:

The aluminium squeeze sections feature an anti-slip profile which makes deployment on dirty or slippery surfaces more secure. Hand grips on the ramp segments come as a standard to help with handling.

Hose Bridges

If you find the hose squeeze ramp small for your purpose, hose bridges are the ideal option for you.

It is a safe and practical solution to protect up to 4 large diameter hoses together. It is compatible with hose diameter sizes of 200mm/8”, 250mm/10″, or 300mm/12″.

You also can extend the bridge by adding a middle section and extra legs. Then, the hose bridge ramp can provide a safe crossing for up to 6 hoses.

Hose Bridge Length complete hose ramp    Height       Maximum space between ground and bridge Weight complete hose ramp  (approx) Max dual axle  Weight (kg) Max single axle  Weight (kg)
200mm / 8 inch 7830 mm 360 mm 245 mm 784 kg 19,000 11,500
250mm / 10 inch 9830 mm 430 mm 315 mm 1030 kg 19,000 11,500
300mm / 12 inch 11320 mm 520 mm 400 mm 1132 kg 19,000 11,500

As the fire hose bridge comes in separate sections that can be fitted together, deployment and set up are quick and easy.

All sections are made of aluminum.

The optional box (bought separately) is the complete way to transport and store the HYTRANS fire hose bridge. Built on a sub-frame similar to the HydroSub 150, the box allows for easy transportation of the 200mm /8”, 250mm /10”, or 300mm /12” hose bridge. 

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