Hytrans Systems FAQs

What is Hytrans?

Hytrans is a specialised manufacturer of mobile pumps and water supply systems, that aids both in Fire and Flooding emergencies. Based in the Netherlands, Hytrans was founded in 1964. 

The name Hytrans is derived from hydraulic transmission. 

What are the uses of a Hytrans mobile water supply system?

The Hytrans system is a diesel-powered, hydraulic-driven submersible pump solution that you can deploy and retrieve fast. It is designed to supply high volumes of water for fire brigades and refineries during fire breakouts and for flood dewatering purposes. You can also use Hytrans mobile system to transport drinking water during emergencies.

How does a Hytrans system work?

Hytrans is a typical hooklift, skid-based solution, providing the flexibility and speed required for quick deployment and system recovery. Hytrans utilises large diameter, flexible rubber hoses, ranging from 150mm-300mm in size for the hose network. They are stored in special bins in the truck and can be deployed at a speed of 20-30 km per hour. The submersible pump drives water into the large hoses at high speed. Once done, the auto hose recovery system retrieves the large-diameter hose quickly and stores it back in place, ready for use

What’s the volume capacity of water a Hytrans system can provide for fires? 

Hytrans can supply water at a pressure starting from 1500 litres per minute and have different pump sizes such as,


To learn more, check all Hytrans specifications and brochures.

What’s the capacity of a Hytrans system that pumps out water from flooded areas?

Hytrans can provide low-pressure, high-volume water pumps, starting at 2,000 litres per minute and up to 50,000 litres per minute.

How does the Hytrans submersible pump operate?

The diesel engine in the Hytrans system powers the hydraulic motor, driving the hydraulic submersible pump to supply high volumes of water. We have pumps at varying capacities you can choose from, depending on the volume and pressure required.

What is the Hytrans Autoflaker?

The Autoflaker is a hydraulically-driven automated hose recovery system that retrieves the used hose from the ground, flakes it, and stores it back in the truck for future use. It requires minimal human intervention for operation.

Why use a large-diameter hose?

A large-diameter fire hose allows you to transport or supply high volumes of water over long distances. It is crucial when managing fire breakouts in large sites. If you are unsure of the hose size suitable for your requirements, contact us. We can provide water flow calculations and help with your solutions. 

Can you combine foam with the Hytrans water supply system?

Yes. Hytrans offers advanced foam proportioning solutions that help you achieve the correct ratio of foam and water for fire mitigation. The Hytrans PowerFoam can be provided as an independent unit or built-in component of the water supply system.

Can I use any truck with a Hytrans system?

Yes, but the truck must comply with local road regulations based on the weight and size of the skid used for your solution. Hytrans can provide load and design calculations for your requirements on all trucks.

Where is Bluemont based?

Bluemont operates across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (ANZ Pacific Region). 

What are Hytrans squeeze ramps?

Squeeze ramps allow vehicles to pass over large Hytrans water hoses laid across roadways without damaging them. The ramps are sturdy enough to allow even heavy vehicles to pass by. It also eliminates any possible traffic or road blockage caused due to the deployment of hoses.

As mentioned above, if you need help finding the right Hytrans product simply contact Bluemont through our contact form. Alternatively, call +64 (9) 872 2622, or email info@bluemont.com.au.

Hytrans Mobile Water Supply & Fire Suppression System