Fire brigades increase capabilities to deal with fires and floods

Busy times for Hytrans as orders for their ‘standard fire brigade units’ have increased year on year. The UK

fire brigades used the units to successfully extinguish the Buncefield Oil Depot fire in 2005 and dewatered

multiple flooded areas. The Tokyo fire brigade used the unit to cool the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

The standard fire brigade unit is a hook lift skid diesel/hydraulic power pack with

hydraulic driven submersible pump (3,500 lit/min @ 11 bar or 15,000 lit/min @ 2 bar),

  • hose container with up to 2 km of 6 inch flexible hose with Storz couplings,
  • hose laying container and hose recovery unit,
  • hose bridges as well as manifolds, Y pieces and non-return valves.

Easy water access combines with a pump lift of 60 metres (enough to pump water from the Sydney Harbour

Bridge). Hose laying at speeds of up to 40 km and mechanised hose recovery of 1 km hose in 30 minutes.

With an additional flood module the unit pictured above pumps 50,000 lit/min (more than a backyard swimming

pool) at 0.3 bar.

Recent orders include Thailand (18 standard units, 36 km of 6 inch hose and 9 flood modules) and Germany

(15 standard units). In Australia the first Hytrans hose laying and hose recovery unit for CFA Scoresby has just

arrived. Not only fire brigades choose mobile large capacity systems, various Australian refineries deploy them