Ever gone down a sewage pipe?

Warning: Wet wipes are NOT flushable and cause up to 75% of sewage drain blockages.
Repairs can be very costly for both residents and water utilities.
It is truly amazing what people stuff down toilets. Let’s not go into details.
Sewage pipes are often deep underground and when the system clogs up it can be a challenge to create by-passes for the sewage flow or to access blocked pumps.
When faced with an obstruction of the sewage flow Hytrans sewage pumps can help water utilities to keep it all flowing under ground level.
The powerful Hytrans HS60 hydraulic sewage pump overcomes the suction pump depth limitations and pumps up – or rather pushes up- from up to 30 metres. It has flows of up to 235
lit/second (3 min for the volume of a backyard swimming pool).
Larger Hytrans systems pump even higher volumes. All are diesel powered so in case of a power failure, the pumps keep the sewage underground and flowing towards the treatment
Sewage pumps can be disconnected and replaced with other pumps; for example with a high volume de-watering or high pressure pump, which increases the range of applications.
Sewage pumps come in your favourite colour.