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Water Erosion Control in Rivers and Waterways

Water erosion can become a severe issue if not identified and controlled in its first stage. As more and more soil particles get washed away, the soil structure becomes unsteady, threatening the wildlife and plants in the area. But that’s not it! Lack of water erosion control can eventually deteriorate the water quality as harmful chemicals from the eroded riverbank get mixed with the waterways.

Moreover, it can become inhospitable for marine life and unsafe for the public.

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Fortunately, there are water erosion prevention methods that can help you manage the issue. What’s more, you should always select a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. And Bluemont can help you! We are exclusive Kyowa Rocks bag dealers in

How to Stop Bank Erosion in Waterways with Rock Bags?

Using Kyowa rock bags for erosion control isn’t a complicated task.

All you have to do is fill the mesh net bags with lots of small rocks (quarried or natural) and place them on the eroded river bank or creek bank. Over time, you wouldn’t even notice the bags as the vegetation takes over.

Here are some other instances where you can use rock bags in waterways;

Why Choose Rock Bags for Water Erosion Control?

There are many water erosion prevention methods, such as gabions, fibre rolls, riprap, and strip cropping. However, most of them are either costly, time-consuming or not environmentally-friendly.

Our 2-tonne rock bag offers scour and erosion protection against water velocities up to 4.7m/sec, and a 4-tonne rock bag can withstand up to 5.3m/sec. They remain a better option in many ways thanks to;

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