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Rock Bag uses in the Rail Industry

Rock filter bags are renowned globally for their flexibility, efficacy, and sustainable quality. Many different types of constructions such as railways, ports, roads, bridges, and waterways use them. Over the past years, these rock bags proved to be very useful for the rail industry when it comes to bridge scour protection and many other issues.

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Uses of Rock Bags for Railways 

Rail Bridge Scour Protection

Scour is one of the leading reasons for railway bridge failure. Our rock bags can be used around bridge pylons and piers to provide support, tackling bridge scour problems. Pylon protection using rock bags will prevent sand and silt from being washed away during rain, safeguarding the bridge.

Stabilization of River Embankments, Riverbanks, Creek Banks, and Riverbeds

In addition to strengthening bridges, it’s also important to ensure the river banks along railways are protected from erosion. Rock bags have been widely used for water erosion prevention due to the ease of installation. They are a great alternative to concrete foundations along waterways.

Emergency Restoration of Eroded Ballasts and Rail Bed Protection

Rail beds near waterways or in areas prone to flooding can erode gradually. In this case, ballasts can be washed out, causing the railway track to collapse and fail.

Rock bags can be used to remedy this situation very easily.

Another handy use of the rock bags is to strengthen slope bed rails.

Features of Rock Bags 

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