Rock Bags Applications

Prevent Soil Erosion Using Kyowa Rock Bags

Kyowa rock bags, a Japan-based innovation, are considered an advanced and effective alternative for gabions and rock mattresses to prevent soil erosion.

They are a simple product consisting of a net bag and a large number of small rocks, designed to solve various problems. The flexible structure, long-lasting durability, and ease of deployment make these rock bags a highly demanded erosion control solution in the market.

How Do Rock Bags Work as Erosion Protection Systems?

What are the Other Applications of Rock Bags?

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Standard Applications

Application Illustration Note Example
River Bank Protection

The bag is used at the front of bank independently as foot protection. The installation methods are step piling and random piling.

River bank protection to prevent soil erosion
Foot Protection Foot Protection

Rock bag is installed on the riverbed. In order to construct it without gaps, small size fillings are recommended.

Rock bags around pylon to prevent soil erosion
River Dike Protection River Dike Protection

Step pilling applies at a slope which becomes 1:2 or less(steep).

Step piling on slope for land management erosion control

Level installation applies at a slope which becomes more than 1:2 (loose).

Creating erosion protection systems with rock bags
Riverbed Protection Riverbed Protection

Rock bag is installed on the riverbed. In order to construct it without gap, small size fillings are recommended.

Rock bags standard applications on waterways

Special Applications:

Application Illustration Note Example
Over Block Over Block

Rock bag is used on foot protection blocks. It may be used as a vegetation base with earth covering.

Rock bags applications
Under Block Under Block

By using it under a foot protection block or a covering stone, an upside structure is stabilised from subsidence by sucking etc.

Foot protection block with rock bags
With Other
With Other

Rock bag installed in wooden pile or other methods of construction at inside, back and forth. The cooperation effect with other methods of construction is expected.

Rock bags used in construction
Protection Of Front Part Protection Of Front Part

Bank protection etc. are stabilised by installing the rock bag in the front, such as gabion, sandbag and a sheet pile.

Rock bags are a top erosion protection system
Emergency Procedure Emergency Procedure

Rock bag is installed at a disaster place and erosion is prevented. An additional injection is possible because it has good flexibility.

Erosion control with Kyowa rock bags
Temporary Road Temporary Road

To avoid damage of rock bag by passing heavy construction machine directly on rock bag, please install steel plate on the top.

Single-point lifting system
Filter Unit With Gabion Filter Unit

We recommend using rock bag and gabions together in places such as in water, where working with gabions alone is difficult.

Rock bags installed on gabions to reduce soil erosion

Rock bags