Rock bags

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Environmentally Friendly, Innovative, and Versatile

A breakthrough in erosion management, these rock bags consist of flexible mesh nets designed for a variety of applications, including bridges, roads, railways, shorelines, and rivers. When filled with rock or riprap, they form a resilient protection system that adapts to diverse environments.

Kyowa Rock Bags explained

These bags provide a sustainable alternative to traditional methods such as gabions, large rocks, blockstone, and free rip rap. Their key advantage lies in their versatility: requiring no foundations or ground preparation, they excel on uneven or sloping surfaces. With a rapid fill and deployment system, Kyowa Rock Bags offer a practical solution for economical and environmentally conscious civil projects.

Kyowa Rock Bags have been proven effective in protecting a multitude of structures, including river embankments, ports and seashores, bridges, road embankments, railway ballast, and more. They prevent water damage without harming the environment, reducing water flow velocity and providing habitats for aquatic life.

Kyowa Rock Bags Lifespan

With a lifespan of over 35 years (and 50+ when covered), Kyowa Rock Bags have an impressive history of successful applications. Used since 1987 to protect structures like the Akashi Bridge, they continue to be chosen by civil engineering teams worldwide for their reliability and eco-friendly design.

If you are planning a project requiring erosion remediation and prevention work within New Zealand, get in touch with us by filling in our contact form. You can also call: +64 (9) 872 2622 or email: Our local NZ team will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, you can check our Technical Specifications page.

Main Advantages of Kyowa Rock Bags



Adapts to all soils for highly efficient coverage and energy absorption.



Encourages the growth of fauna and flora while supporting natural vegetation.

Installation of kyowa rock bags

Ease of Installation

Due to the speed of deployment and reduction in labour costs as the products are highly flexible.

Rock bags