Temporary or Permanent Erosion Solution

Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycledEmergency, Temporary or Permanent Scour and Erosion Solutions

Flooding is not a new natural disaster. So why do so many flood prone communities wait until it’s too late to protect their loved ones and belongings? It’s common to severely underestimate the severity of the inclining weather conditions. When it is left to late, there’s nothing that can be done except to focus on rebuilding. It is at this time that we should be assessing options and ensuring that every measure is taken to recover, but also strengthen. Flooding has severe impacts on the land, with hotpots facing destructive erosion. These hotspots include river and creek banks, bridge pylons, culverts and even our roads. We know these floods can seriously effect beaches also, more on that can be seen here. Kyowa Rock bags have become increasingly popular within local and federal governments as an efficient temporary or permanent erosion solution.


Temporary Solution to Erosion at Coondoo Creek

Kyowa Rock Bags played an important role in the Coondoo Creek bridge renovation! Road Tek chose to use our robust Kyowa Rock Bags as a working platform and for bank stabilisation along the creek. These flexible rope net gabions performed exceptionally due to their environmentally conscious and robust design. The bags allow for the growth of natural vegetation and even function as a habitat for fish! Kyowa Rock Bags are a fast rock deploying system and extremely stable once placed. We were very pleased that this design provided a fast and effective temporary solution that got the job done.


Using rockbags for erosion solution
Rock bags are a top alternative to riprap and gabion retaining walls

An Emergency Solution for Scour

Sometimes, it’s the places you forget about that really need some love… Like this old railroad bridge! Although it doesn’t quite look like it, this dry bed actually flows, but mostly during floods. The bridge pylons here were facing a serious case of scouring around their base and this needed to be protected. When it floods, the irregular velocity of the water tears at these pylons along with all the sediment, chewing away. However, they also faced some serious erosion along the bank. This same flood water can cut out banks from beneath them, causing landslides and further damage. We were very pleased to supply a fast and immediately effective solution with Kyowa Rock Bags. With a 5-minute deployment time per bag, you’ll save time and money, making it hard to find a more efficient erosion solution anywhere!


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Rock bags being used for scour and erosion