Dry Australian diplomats in Thailand and FMA

6 automatic FloodBreak flood barriers were recently installed at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.
Well done!
They work 24/7 with No Power, No People, No Pumps and No Batteries: just flood water.
The Thai suffer greatly when flooding occurs and much more flood protection is needed going forward.
In Australia, Lismore was one place that copped it badly recently and we witnessed the devastation for so
many flooded households and businesses disrupted and closed.
Was this really necessary? It happened before and if no action is taken, it will happen again.
The list goes on and on and for sure we shall have many more new stories of flood misery in the coming
years. Let’s spend on prevention instead, which lowers the cost of response as we all know too well.
These issues will surely be discussed at the Floodplain Management Australia Conference in flood-prone
Newcastle from May 16-19. Will it be just talk or will this important conference actually lead to changes in
the way we deal with floods.
Bluemont recognizes that the FMA is best placed in Australia to deal with flood related questions and
initiate change, so the members carry some responsibility for a good outcome.
In the meantime: our diplomats in Bangkok are protected and dry.