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About Bluemont

Founded in 2004, Bluemont is a top provider of environmental crisis-mitigation solutions sourced from leading global brands. We are an Australian-owned company, operating in New Zealand with a local team and product stock to guarantee ease of delivery and deployment.

We specialise in delivering protective systems to combat fire, floods, and erosion.

Renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, efficacy, and durability, our equipment and systems for disaster prevention and ecological conservation uphold the highest standards. Previously known as Fire Fighting Technologies Private Limited, we have expanded over the years to service the escalating demand for our products.

We serve diverse industries and sectors across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. These include government agencies, ports, construction firms, fire brigades, industrial manufacturers, petrochemical enterprises, and mining operations.

Certified by our manufacturers, we assure credibility as authorised suppliers. Our dedicated team undergoes comprehensive training to master the operation of our equipment. We also assist our clients in deploying our emergency solutions effectively, providing brochures, manuals, and instructional videos to facilitate seamless operation.

Bluemont undertakes projects of varying scales, collaborating closely with stakeholders in the public and private sectors. 

Our disaster management solutions encompass Fire, Flood, and Erosion mitigation. Leveraging globally recognized systems like the Hytrans Fire System, we swiftly and safely address fire hazards. Our flood management arsenal includes mobile flood barrier tubes, high-volume pumps, fold-out fences, and more. Additionally, we offer Kyowa rock bags for erosion control and wharf extension.

With over 20 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trusted supplier of disaster management products.

If you are in New Zealand, get in touch with Bluemont by submitting a contact form, or emailing Alternatively, you can call +64 (9) 872 2622. We look forward to working with you.