Bridge scour? Keeping Your Bridges Above Water

brisbane road bridge scour protection

Hey! I Think That Bridge Moved!

Bridges are an amazing invention that let us travel extremely freely over rivers and valleys. However, the fact they go over rivers and valleys are also the biggest issue they face. Rivers, streams, and flash floods through dry beds are all powerful forces that scour bridge pylons, piers, or abutments. And to complicate things a little more, Aussie soil tends to be quite prone to washing away during these heavy flows.


Rock Bags

Unfortunately, a rock bag will not bring your washed away bridge back, nor will they replace a washed-out pylon! However, they have many other applications! Rock bags are a rock net gabion which allows for flexibility in deployment. If your bridge hasn’t quite washed away yet, then these rock bags can effectively help prevent further scour damage. Placing these bags around the base of pylons will filter the water and prevent debris from damaging pylons.


Low bridge scour protection
Bridge work platform

Sometimes though, the bridge is gone and there is nothing to repair, what  then? Rock bags can still be used to construct temporary road crossings or cofferdam type structures. With multiple size bags, there’s an option to suit any large rivers or small streams needs.

Now that we’ve got the rock bags safely getting the community across stream, what about rebuilding? They can be utilised once more to create temporary work platforms like this one, and provide the stability and grounding you need to keep large machinery out of the water.

The rock bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are friendly to the environment! The mesh net and rock design also provide a sanctuary for fish and flora to grow. Not only will they get the job done well, but they also help save the planet too!




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