Protecting Australia’s Most Loved Coastlines With Rock Bags

Rock Bags providing beach erosion protection

Our Coastlines Are Disappearing!

Fortunately for us Aussies, we’re surrounded by gorgeous coastlines and amazing views that make the long drives a little shorter! However, unfortunately we’ve built many of these roads a little too close.

In this case of one of Australia’s most famous coastline roads, the beach was eroding quite severely. To protect the road previously, large rocks were used which are now increasingly pricey and hard to source! But, what about lots of smaller rocks in a 100% recycled net gabion?


Bluemont’s Beach Erosion Solution

Our rock bags were given the green light by authorities and the job began! Once laid, these flexible rock net gabions provide reinforcing strength to the sand levee protecting the road and powerlines. They also protect the levee front on from heavy swells and big winds. They will now provide 24/7 beach erosion protection.

The rock bags are low profile and are intended to form into their environment. The rock bags were covered with sand and will continue to become uncovered and covered again with the tide. So, you may struggle to see them when you drive past, just the way we like it!

The first row of Kyowa rock bags on Wamberal beach naturally covered.
The first row of rock bags are invisible and naturally covered.
Wamberal Beach section 2: Kyowa rock bags fully covered 1 month after deployment
Rock bags completely covered by sand











Increasingly being used across Australia, rock bags are a an extremely flexible beach erosion solution – and also a financially feasible option that cut time. With only a crew of two people, these bags can be filled, stored, and deployed when the jobs ready. Making it an extremely efficient and flexible 100% recycled beach erosion solution.


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