Flooding Over? Assess & Repair After Erosion, Better & Quicker

preventing erosion caused by water with rock bag gabion wall

We’ve seen our clients experience neverending floods since La Niña. It is not over yet. Erosion caused by water can indeed be devastating, putting pressure on our infrastructures.

We are lucky to have plenty of qualified consultants that help to assess and repair the damage.

After an assessment, decisions need to be taken: build back as-it-was or finally build back better? Who pays, and when do we spend the funds? First emergency repair or permanent solution? Our waterway’s erosion hotspots are river and creek banks, bridge piles and abutments, culverts and washed-out or broken roads. Our beaches got hammered too – more about that next time. 

Assess and Repair Erosion With Kyowa Rock Bags

Federal and State Governments, Councils and industry increasingly use the Kyowa rock bags as an emergency, temporary or permanent measure to resolve the issues derived from erosion caused by water. Often even consultancies include them in their designs. Why? Cost saving, quick deployment, and long life. Watch how easy rock bags are to install, made from 100% recycled materials.  

To find out more about Kyowa rock bags, email info@nz.bluemont.com.au or have a chat with Justin by calling +64 (9) 872 2622. We can assist you plan, estimate, and budget for your next project. We have nearly 20 years of expertise providing erosion control solutions across Oceania.

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