A Simple Solution to Erosion with Rock Bags

A simple solution to beach erosion

Help! My Beach is Disappearing!

A Not So Simple Problem

Coastal erosion is commonly conceived as a slow process that takes years.  Those of you who call the seaside home would know this isn’t always the case as you’ve witnessed it happen much faster and much more dangerously. Almost overnight, roads crumble away, and the homes are left facing down the crashing waves. This leaves homeowners worried for their assets as the beach that once divided them from the great open ocean gets smaller. So is there a simple solution to fight erosion?

Disappearing In the Night

King tides and severe weather conditions are both important factors when considering why our beaches are disappearing seemingly overnight. But if we can identify the issue, why can’t we fix it? And who should be responsible to deal with the issue of a naturally eroding beach?

This can be a sensitive topic as it is quite difficult to find a solution to please both locals and councils. It is difficult because traditional methods to battle erosion such as large concrete sea walls are not always the most pretty, irritating locals understandably. However, with a simple design and proven results across the globe, it’s likely to be something councils consider. This then raises questions as to longevity, cost and of course effectiveness. So how can we meet in the middle to provide an effective and aesthetic solution in the meantime?

beach erosion control

Fighting Erosion Made Simple

Rock Bags are one of the most innovative and robust bioengineering solutions to date for erosion. They also allow nature to do its own thing while providing a simple solution to erosion, protecting beaches, bridges, homes and roads across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The Department of Land and Water Planning (DELWP) actually preferred the Rock Bags over other erosion solutions as the “Benefits of rock bags include (1) that they are easily and quickly filled on site, (2) they are easily deployed, (3) they can be easily removed.” They are fast, rock filled, flexible rope net gabions. They can provide a flourishing ecosystem, made from 100% recycled materials, whilst protecting our beaches from heavy tides that cause erosion. Attracting small fish and sea greens, our rock bags simultaneously act as artificial reefs to house and protect wildlife.

Quick and easy to deploy, Rock Bags provide durable protection until a permanent fix can be installed. Save yourself time and money compared to other traditional methods with our Rock Bags today.

Rock Bags becoming a habitat for wildlife


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