Fire, Flood & Erosion Emergency Solutions



Mobile water supply and high volume pumps

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Rock Bags

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Mobile water-filled flood barriers (tubes)

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Noaq Boxwall

Mobile flood barrier (fence)

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Mobile water-filled flood barriers (tubes)

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Mobile flood barriers (fold-out fence)

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Bluemont offers industry-proven solutions for erosion, fire, and flood emergencies. We operate locally in New Zealand, with our headquarters based in Australia. Our products are recognized locally and globally for their effectiveness in disaster prevention and management, focusing on commercial properties and civil projects. Safeguard the environment, infrastructure, and your community from hazards.

Erosion Control Solutions

Soil erosion poses serious threats to land destabilisation and environmental degradation. Bluemont provides innovative erosion control solutions for civil engineering projects, ports, coastal areas, and more. Our Rock Bags are environmentally-friendly and easy to deploy, offering a lifespan of 50 years. They adapt to any soil type without disrupting natural life and are ideal for various civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Fire Management Solutions

In critical fire situations, immediate action is essential. Bluemont's Hytrans Mobile water supply solutions provide optimal support to mitigate fire spread and minimise damage. Suitable for small and large-scale fires, our mobile water supply methods utilising the modern HYTRANS fire system ensure a quick and effective response, even over long distances. With the utilisation of a HYTRANS foam proportioning system, we effectively manage intricate fire outbreaks. Our solutions cater to fire brigades, refineries, tank farms, and defence forces.

Flood Protection Barriers

For areas prone to floods, suitable flood protection is crucial to preserve and defend property and valuables. Bluemont offers temporary and permanent flood protection solutions that are strong, effective, and easy to deploy in urgent situations. Our selection comprises BEAVER Mobile Flood Barrier Tubes, AQUAFENCE Mobile Flood Barriers, HYTRANS High Volume Mobile Flood Pumps, and NOAQ Boxwall Flood Barriers.

At Bluemont, we understand the impact of civil engineering and infrastructure challenges on communities, budgets, and management decisions. Contact us today to discover the best emergency solutions for your New Zealand-based projects.