Mobile flood barrier (tubes) by beaver

Beaver Flood Barriers for Commercial and Industrial sites.

The BEAVER® Flood Barrier is a Swiss product that offers superior protection against flooding and storms. It consists of two flexible PVC tubes laid side by side, permanently joined to form a twin element with high static stability. The re-usable elements are available in different lengths and heights. Initially inflated with air, twin-elements can be pre-deployed awaiting confirmation of the final position. When in the required position, they are then filled with water.

BEAVER® elements can also be stacked. This allows the user to standardise on a small or medium size product and yet have the flexibility to cater for deeper or deepening flood waters if required.

Supported by a HYTRANS 4,000 L/min pump, a 1m high and 10m long BEAVER twin-element can be ready in less than 15 minutes. More than 60 kilometres of Beaver are currently ready for flood mitigation deployment throughout the world.

Inflatable (water or air-filled) tubular geomembranes, have the widest possible area of application: in urban and rural areas, almost without restrictions regarding the relief and underlying soil, with the fastest installation time and least requirements regarding the equipment. They are very good as closure structures for still and slowly flowing water, up to 1.5m high.


The Beaver can be applied in different ways:


Mobile flood barrier (tubes) by beaver