Hose Layer & Hose Recovery

The HYTRANS HRU 200 (hose recovery unit) is perfectly suited for hoses of up to 200mm.

If your site has a large diameter hose such as 125mm / 5″ that you can’t use or train with because it is just too hard to manhandle, the HYTRANS HRU 200 is the solution.

The HYTRANS hose handling system has solved the problem of the labour-intensive job to handle heavy hoses. Hoses can now be laid-out at a speed of 40km/h, with minimum manpower!

How Does the HYTRANS Hose Recovery Unit Work?

The HoseLayer mechanically performs the job of laying out large diameter fire hoses at a rapid speed of 40km/hour as the truck moves forward. The unit can store thousands of meters of large fire hoses (up to 300mm/12-inch). This provides firefighters access to water sources located at a far distance.

It also makes it easy to access accident sites in congested areas without the trouble of stationing fire trucks very close to the location. The semi-automatic hose layer unit requires only a couple of people to handle it!

Hytrans HRU (Hose Recovery Unit) in operation by Fire & Rescue NSW. Recovery of 1,500 metres of the 152mm / 6

Auto Recovery of Large Diameter Fire Hose

HYTRANS HRU is a system of hydraulic-driven double rollers that helps you retrieve the fire hose with minimum effort. As the fire truck carrying the unit moves forward, the fire hose alongside is picked up easily and steadily. It can pick up 1000 meters of large diameter fire hose in just 30 minutes.

While the driver’s control of the pick-up speed is sufficient in most cases, the person operating the HRU also has access to a 2-speed remote control panel for a smooth operation. Even if the hose is in a difficult position, it doesn’t matter. The swivel joint helps you select the required pick-up angle, considering the position of both the fire truck and the large diameter hose systems.

Quick and Easy Storage of Hose Systems

If hoses are joined using couplings and need to be stored that way, it’s not a problem either. The electronic eye sensors in the hose recovery unit will detect when couplings approach the unit, allowing the first and second rollers to open and let them in successively.

Water is drained from the hose automatically using a vacuum to ensure it’s flaked well and stored flat on the HoseLayer. Storing on the hose layer is a simple task requiring only two people.

About HRU 200

The HYTRANS HRU is ideal for hose systems up to 200mm. If your site/department has large diameter hoses like 125mm that are difficult to handle or use during training, this is the solution!

This HRU consists of hydraulic hoses, a flow-pressure control valve, and a switch-over valve – ready to link with the truck’s hydraulics. The truck’s PTO-hydraulic transmission (a hook lift truck) powers the HRU 200.

If the truck does not have a PTO-hydraulic transmission, we can supply a small capacity PTO-hydraulic transmission (20l/min at 120 bar).

Ready For When You Need It The Most

When it comes to supplying water during critical situations like fire eruptions, you need to act as fast. As you know, manual handling of a standard fire hose is a major hurdle firefighters face during such instances.

Laying a long, heavy hose is time-consuming and tedious, requiring as many helping hands as possible. Then, there’s the hassle of retrieving the hose and storing it back in place. During firefighting training sessions, you would spend more time on laying and recovery than actually learning to battle with fire. Well, don’t worry! For this and all of the above, the HYTRANS Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) is the ideal solution for you.

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