Foam Proportioning

The HYTRANS PowerFoam is a sophisticated foam proportioning system that provides a very accurate foam dosage over the full range of water/foam mixture and water/foam quantity. This reliable foam dosage makes it possible to optimize the foam rate to a less expensive value.

The HYTRANS PowerFoam can be delivered as a stand-alone unit or can be built in the HYTRANS AutoBoost or various larger HYTRANS HydroSub units.

Due to the absence of a conventional proportioner, there is no pressure loss in the main line.

The foam concentrate is injected directly into the boost pump or directly into the water flow. This comprises a better mixing behaviour, shorter foam lines and an easier handling and cleaning proceedings.

To include all these features the foam adding system is equipped with:


6% @ 24,000 l/min
3% @ 48,000 l/min
1% @ 144,000 l/min

Foam Injection Principles

Diesel-hydraulically driven foam gear pump injects exact amount of foam in water stream
Variable hydraulic pump allows 0% – 100% flow rate regulation foam
Foam % is not dependent on flow rate and/or water pressure
Foam logistics not near the fire


304 SS or 316 SS stainless steel construction

Control System Principle

300mm / 12” industrial water flow meter determines water flow (when built-in the calculated flow is used)
100mm / 4” industrial flow meter determines water flow
Software adjusts foam pump speed continuously to set percentage

Hytrans Mobile Water Supply & Fire Suppression System