Rock Bags

Erosion Control Solutions

Soil erosion is one of the major causes of hazards like landslides and floods. If your area is vulnerable to erosion, you must take the necessary steps before it’s too late. As a company reputed for supplying industry-grade emergency solutions across Australia and New Zealand, Bluemont is equipped with the BEST and most sustainable erosion control solution, the Kyowa Rocks Bags.

Now you’ll be able to manage and prevent erosion without the drawbacks of traditional deployments like gabions, block stones, riprap, and rock mattresses. These are either expensive, difficult to install and replace, ineffective, or offer low habitat value.

Kyowa Rock Bags

The Kyowa Rock Bags, also known as Kyowa Filter Units, are renowned worldwide as an advanced and highly effective erosion control solution capable of fitting seamlessly into natural habitats.

They are made by filling extremely sturdy mesh nets with small rocks -quarried or natural- to form large bags that can be installed on almost any surface or area in need of erosion protection.

The netting material made out of synthetic fibre is flexible to be used on both freshwater and seawater.

What makes Kyowa Rock Bags the best product for erosion management?

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Erosion Control Solution
The Kyowa Rock Bags bring Japanese technology and ingenuity to solve one of the major issues nature and civil engineering sites like bridges and ports face, EROSION. Their versatility and flexibility make them a top choice with over 700.000 units installed across 16.000 sites -only in Japan.

You don’t need to prepare the surface of riverbanks or seabed to deploy these bags as they can be stacked easily on uneven and sloping areas.

What’s more, Kyowa Rock Bags are quick and easy to install. Our rapid fill and deployment system helps you utilize them in environmental and bioengineering civil projects without any delays.

Also, as a cost-effective erosion control solution, the bags’ deployment process doesn’t require major labour.

A Versatile Erosion Control Product
Kyowa Rock Bags are versatile and can be utilized for erosion and scour protection in,

Riverbanks, river embankments, river beds, and creeks
Seashores, shorelines, beaches, and tidal areas
Bridges and bridge pylons
Jetties, piers and piles, groynes, and marine and coastal structures
Road embankments, slope ways, and road culverts
Wharves and ship berths in ports for toe protection
Railway ballast and bridges
Cofferdams and floodways
Subsea marine pipelines and cables

Kyowa Rock Bags can also be used to level uneven seabeds, riverbeds, and lakebeds without affecting marine life.

They are also employed in situations of emergency erosion restoration as sinkholes, and represent a great alternative for gabion protection, rock mattresses, and rip rap to create retaining walls along structures in need of support.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
Rock bags are considered highly favourable for the environment because they encourage the growth of flora and fauna. When installed on riverbanks and other similar surfaces, these bags can be covered with soil to promote plant growth and reinforce structural strength.

When submerged in water, the bags act as a natural habitat for marine life. The small spaces between rocks will be inhabited by small fish and other species, enriching the ecosystem.

Kyowa Rock Bags are also a long-term investment with an average lifespan of 30-50 years. They excel in durability and sustainability, unlike other erosion control solutions that need frequent replacement.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality Kyowa Rock Bags, contact Bluemont today. We will assess your project’s particular situation and provide the best end-to-end erosion control solutions for it.